Universal Projector

Remote Control



For UPRC (Version 2)

Confirm that the label (underside of your UPRC) shows the capital letters "V2".

1, 2, 3, 4: These are used for entering library codes or to directly select the input on some brands and models of projectors.

Input: This switches between the various input options, VGA, HDMI, Composite, etc.

Auto: Auto setup projector picture.

Reset: Send reset or exit command to projector, also used to exit setup.

Keystone +, Keystone -: Correct projected image which looks like a trapezoid rather than rectangular display.

Freeze: Freezes the image on the screen.

Zoom +, Zoom -: Zoom in on a portion of the screen.  Once zoomed the arrow keys pan the window.  Some models use the Volume +, Volume - to scroll left and right.

VP3720 Universal Projector Remote Control

Power: Turn the projector on.  Some brands use this key for both power on and power off.

Off: Some brands of projectors have a dedicated key to turn the projector off.

Menu: Brings up the projector menu.

Select: Used to choose the currently highlighted item and to enter various setup modes.

Back: Moves back to the prior screen or menu.

Mute: Turn the projector’s sound to the lowest setting.

Volume +, Volume -: Turn the projector volume up or down.






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