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Setup by Library Codes (Original Version)

To test a four-digit code to see if it controls your projector, please complete the following steps. Available codes are listed here. Some brands have multiple codes which work for different models.

•   Press and hold both the Up and Down arrows simultaneously for 3 seconds.

•   The status LED will turn off while both keys are pressed but will turn solid red after three seconds.

•   As you enter each digit of the code, the status light will briefly turn off. Do not enter the next digit until the status light is on.

•   After entering the code, the status light will glow off. Taking longer than 30 seconds, pressing any other key or entering an invalid code will cause the status light to blink quickly three times.

Test your library choice to make sure it is working. If it is not working, try the next code. Not all keys will be supported for all models. Unused keys can be customized or ignored.

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