Universal Projector

Remote Control



Setup by Learning (Original Version)

If you have access to the original remote control for your projector or wish to learn from other remote controls, place the two remote controls end pointing towards one another approximately one inch apart.

•   To enter learning mode, press and hold both the Left and Right arrows simultaneously for 3 seconds. The status LED will turn off while both keys are pressed but will turn solid red after three seconds.

•   Repeat the following steps until you are done customizing.

     •   Tap the key you wish to customize on your Universal Projector Remote.  The status LED will flash.

     •   On the other remote control, press and hold the key you wish the Universal Projector Remote to learn.

     •   If learning was successful, the status LED will flash once.If learning was unsuccessful, the status LED will flash three times.

Once you are done customizing, wait 30 seconds to exit learning mode.

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